Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Taichung Teachers College on Minsheng Rd.


Caleigh said...

Hey there, I am a girl living in Taichung.
I was searching for "Taichung' and found your blog.
This is interesting, graffiti is soooo cool...
but I have a question, YOU did it or you just photographed what you see? cuzI don't seem to see a lot of this in the city.

Paul said...

No, I can't draw for beans. No coordination. I just like to find it and photograph it because I think these guys are super talented and their work ought to be shown off.

There's a lot around Taichung, but you kind of have to be looking for it. There's a lot of really good stuff around the canal by Hua Mei Street. You have to climb down into the canal to see it. Look under the bridges.

Whoever is making stencils is really busy and they pop up all over town. The bombs are usually in parking lots, under bridges, or on metal doors.

If you see any walls that I haven't found, leave me a message so I can go looking for it.

Caleigh said...

hey it's me again.
I wonder if you often go to the train station area.
because i saw a couple of graffitis
at the cross road of gian-kuo road and min-chuan road(not sure about the spelling), and this is the first time that i ever see a graffiti, quite exciting.
anyway, u can go and check out if u have time though, it's under the railway (the railway is above the road).
i know i am not so good in direction, maybe u can find on ur own.

Paul said...

Found it, thanks. See Above.