Tuesday, April 18, 2006

I may not be able to find art street, but I know what I like...

Cheers to Poohhat for the heads up on this mural off Art Street near Tunghai University. It's a completely different style, but I love seeing this kind of personalisation on property here. It's like someone inside is marching to the beat of a different DJ... or something like that.The Resistance. Fill me in on the Resistance. What have I been missing?
Art Street is one of those neighborhoods in Taichung where you don't feel like you're in Taichung. I only saw one 7-11, no Starbucks, and the nearest McDonald's was miles away. I'd love to live up there, but it's so far from everything down in the city.


Poohat said...

The Resistance was The Barbarian and Poohats idea to battle the forces of the Black Rainbow by using Rock'n'roll
to destroy evil and bring about world peace!

The first Resistance party took place in Dong'hai and featured...

69Across(this band no longer exists)

Rocketgirl (holyshit! it was like our first appearance!)

Black Lung inner city choir!

.22 (they were brand spanken new back then)



and the first ever appearance of the
Deported in Taichung!


The second Resistance party was alot smaller and took place in the Aboriginal restraunt in Dong'hai ... All the bands there were forced to play together and mix themselves up. What great!


The 3rd Resistance party took place in 616 art collective down by the train station...holy shit that was like 2 years ago it seems , so far away so many awesome memories! monkey suit / drumkit in the back of a truck...noise steve was in the band for a short time...


The RESISTANCE was Dong'hai's answer
to the mediocre art and music scene that was happening in Taichung at the time... And for a short time , maybe one summer it was the place to be and alot of good things happened...ALOT OF ROCK WAS ROLLED!

As soon as I get back to Taiwan, the Resistance will be starting up again, this time in Taitung and Lanyu... the south eastern coast of Taiwan is gonna rock!

Poohat said...

Oh the Resistance also worked in conjunction with "hoping for peace" with hippy dave from taipei...

The first party took place at a Dong'hai Bar-B-Q

Chicken Rice
The Deported
Boogie chillin