Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Fresh Paint

Before the rain on Monday, I drove around downtown and found this wall across from a KTV near the park. The representative of the KTV who saw me shooting arrived as I was changing lenses to express his displeasure at my taking pictures of a wall in an empty parking lot. I think he had privacy issues. I asked him if it would be ok to come back later when there were lots of cars in the parking lot. We seemed to be having communication problems. I think he was saying "Don't take pictures here," but the "Give me a good reason why" was lost on him.


Soumen said...

Love the blog. I am in Hsinchu for a little bit and have been appreciating some of the work up here. Question for you... Do the writers in Taichung use mostly Roman characters or are some in Chinese? The stuff I have noticed up here is 1/2 and 1/2. Keep up the good work.


Paul said...

Thanks a bunch. Most of the art in Taichung is in English, with a couple exceptions here and there. Where in Hsinchu would one find concentrations of graffiti if one were to go there on a quick day trip?

Soumen said...

In Hsinchu the stuff in downtown near the train station is probably has the highest concentration, but to be truthful most of it isn't very good. Best stuff I have seen so far in Taiwan is in Ximending in Taipei.