Thursday, May 01, 2008


Do I stutter? A little, when I'm excited. But check this out. This bit of self-promotion brought to me by Paint That Shit Gold. Go there. Have fun. Nice is what you are when you're at your grandmother's house.


EMIN-ONE said...

It’s all about when you stand in front of that naked wall, in the middle of the night, holding your spray can. You then forget all your worries and troubles, you only concentrate on the emptiness ahead and how you are about to fill it and give it life with your mark. While swerving that can, you suddenly have a burst of thoughts; how many people are going to see it, hate on it, criticize it and appreciate it and why they would do so. Sometimes you don’t even think about anything, your mind is completely blank and you feel on top of the world because you found what truly makes you happy and who you are.

These days the mass appeal is given a lot of misinformation about graffiti in general and people are too lazy to find out for themselves. This leads to people coming up with there own conclusions, mostly ignorant ones which spread around and give graffiti a bad name.

firelotus said...

i put up my tag on that site too, nice work :)